Long before I look into the deep night sky, I can feel the fullness of the moon.
The shift of energy as the maiden comes into her own.
Bursting her maiden head.
Evolving into the mother, the nurturer.

Lifting my arms I cradle the fullness that washes light across my bosom.
My bare breasts, exposed for her. The Goddess.
The mother within me, the nurturer.
Giver of life and death.

Basking in her glow I spread my arms and close my eyes, turning, turning.
Spinning on my axis, feeling her cover my flesh.
Illuminated on the milky softness that is me.
Maiden, mother, crone.

As I sway and dance, I move with a rhythm that comes from my soul.
Staccato from deep inside which is mine alone.
A primal rhythm that washes the shores with it’s infinite beat.
I am the Goddess, the moon.

The Crone